Explore common skin conditions and their medical-grade treatments. From treating eczema, acne, and scarring to diminishing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and enlarged pores, our team provides personalized care for patients seeking medical and cosmetic dermatological care. Learn more about common skin conditions and the medical-grade treatments Healthy Complexions Spa offers.


Acne, a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells, can make those who struggle with it very self-conscious and can take a serious toll on their confidence. Although it’s on of the most common skin conditions, acne breakouts can be devastating.

Treatments: AviClear, Cool Peel, BBL® HEROic™️ by Sciton

Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a long-lasting skin condition that causes dry, itchy and inflamed skin and tends to flare sometimes. Although this skin condition can be irritating, it’s not contagious.

Treatments: Skincare products such as: Avène XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Balm, Avène XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Cream

Cracked, Dry Lips

Dry, or chapped, lips are the result of dry skin on your lips due to cold or dry weather, sun exposure, frequently licking your lips or dehydration. In more serious cases, the skin can crack.

Treatments: Dr. Dans Cortibalm Lip Treatment


Milia is a common skin condition that causes small white bumps (cysts) under the surface of your skin. The condition is very common in newborns, however adults can get milia, too.

Treatments: HydraFacial Syndeo MD, Environ Signature Facial, Environ Ionzyme Skin Treatment, Cool Peel, Dermaplaning

Rough Texture

Rough, bumpy skin has uneven texture and feels coarse to the touch. Common on the face and body, rough skin can be the result of dryness or a buildup of dead skin cells.

Treatments: Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, Morpheus8, Non-Ablative Skin Renewal, Clear + Brilliant, HydraFacial Syndeo MD, Environ Ionzyme Skin Treatment, Customized Medical-Grade Skin Care System, HALO® by Sciton

Trauma/ Surgery Scars

Traumatic scarring results from healing after significant injury to the skin. There are many potential sources of injury, such as sharp objects that penetrate the skin, thermal or chemical burns, and friction or scraping. Many individuals dislike their scars because they find them to be unsightly, distracting, or traumatic to look at.

Treatments: Non-Ablative Skin Renewal, Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, Morpheus8, HALO® by Sciton

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks on the skin often developed with pregnancy or after a significant change in weight. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. As the skin heals, stretch marks may appear.

Treatments: Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, Morpheus8, Non-Ablative Skin Renewal, HALO® by Sciton

Acne Scars

Acne scars are the result of inflammation of acne blemishes. Some acne blemishes are small, and the scars created are shallow and heal quickly. Sometimes the contents of blemishes spill into the surrounding tissue and cause deeper scars.

Treatments: Microneedling/Dermal RollingMorpheus8, Non-Ablative Skin Renewal, Clear + Brilliant, HALO® by Sciton

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is very common, yet it is one of the most frustrating skin conditions. Characterized by unsightly dimpled skin (mostly on the thighs and butt), cellulite often makes those who have it want to cover up. 

Treatments: Morpheus8 Body

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are those which appear dilated and are clearly visible to the naked eye. Pore size is often genetic, but factors such as sebum secretion and skin elasticity may make them larger.

Treatments: Clear + Brilliant, Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, Morpheus8, Non-Ablative Skin Renewal, HALO® by Sciton

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a common condition that happens when your glands produce too much sebum, which can lead to a greasy surface, clogged pores, and acne.

Treatments: AviClear, Cool Peel, HydraFacial Syndeo MD, Environ Ionzyme Skin Treatment, Customized Medical-Grade Skin Care System

Razor Burn

Razor burn is a skin irritation you can develop after shaving and can happen on any part of your body you shave. It can occur after dry shaving, shaving too fast, shaving with an old razor, or shaving against the direction of your hair growth.

Treatments: Customized Medical-Grade Razor Burn Products

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a common condition of sebaceous glands in adults of middle age or older. Lesions manifest as yellowish, soft, small papules on the face (particularly nose, cheeks, and forehead).

Treatments: Electrodesiccation, AviClear, Cool Peel, Customized Medical-Grade Skin Care System

Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone can be a broad term used for multiple types of skin discoloration caused by sunspots, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, for example. It can also refer to uneven skin texture, like dry patches, built-up dead skin cells, fine lines, or blotchiness. Both uneven tone and skin texture can be signs of a dip in skin health or damage caused by several factors, including UV rays, pollution, or hormones.

Treatments: Photofacial (IPL), Clear + Brilliant, Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, HALO® by Sciton, BBL® HEROic™️ by Sciton


Xerosis, or dry skin, occurs when your skin loses too much water and oil and can affect anyone at any age. Your skin may itch, flake, feel tight or in extreme cases crack.

Treatments: HydraFacial Syndeo MD, Cool Peel, Environ Ionzyme Skin Treatment